Data Analytics

Analytics can help Track visitor behavior on the website, record interactions & resolve queries. My aim here is to help businesses & Companies in South Africa to do the right things with their data and convert digital data into meaningful information and actionable insight.

I assist business & companies in implementing or improving services such as Google Analytics by creating measurement plans, implementation guides, and custom reports.

I have been doing online marketing and analytics +5 years and know deeply about marketing and product. I can help companies fix common attribution challenges by putting all data in a single place to get a clear vision for how all marketing channels work together to drive business value.

Whether you require Google Analytics solutions, tagging complex tracking codes, creating easily understandable data reports, or employing Google Tag Manager, I can help you get proper data insights into your campaign and website performance.

I also help with the quality and support to improve your website conversion rate and get more results out of your website.

Google Analytics implementation

If you’re building a new website or want to fix your GA setup, I can assist you to get the most from your Google Analytics installation. From website implementation to the configuration of goals & enhanced eCommerce tracking, to the setup of customized dashboards and reports – I can help.

However, if you want to measure all of your website traffic and truly understand how your visitors are using your website I can help you setting up additional tracking and analyzing the data.

Our Google Analytics Audits include:

  • Data integrity — is data being tracked properly?
  • Data quality — can I approach data collection with more granularity to improve insights gathering?
  • Data maturity — AM’I tracking things that are crucial to our business?
  • Kick-off meeting to understand your business’ data priorities
  • Full review of the on-site implementation of Google Analytics
  • Full check of Google Analytics at the Account, Property and View level
  • Structured recommendations for fixes