Facebook Ads

I’m Specialized in Facebook & Instagram Advertising

In nowadays, it becomes hard to know which options for social media advertising can be good for your business, however Facebook still the best and the largest and also a popular social media platform in the world.

Facebook & Instagram has become a huge way of bringing sales or leads in your business or company and also helps to improve brand awareness. If you are looking to expand your Facebook advertising or set up Facebook Ads, I can help.

I’m a Facebook Ads specialist “Blueprint Certified or Not Certified, My Result Compte“,  focus on business and company adverts to show in front of the right audience at the right time.

With the best Facebook and Instagram ads experiences, I can help you maximize your Facebook following, get more leads and sales or get more application installs.

Grow your brand on Facebook with your Facebook page, while also directing traffic back to convert on your website landing page.

If you are looking to launch ads that you want people in South Africa or cities like Johannesburg to see, I can help you reach the right audience you want and avoid wasting money advertising to people who are not in the city or country where you want your ads to show.

I’m based in Johannesburg, SA & I can assist with:

  • Facebook Advertising Set-Up or Page Setup
  • Develop a robust advertising strategy that will get you great results
  • Ensure your adverts get served to the most relevant audiences
  • Integrating and setting up the Facebook pixel (set up to retain data for custom audiences)
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns to ensure you are getting the best return on your ad spend
  • Stay on top of all the latest Facebook changes &  ahead of your competitors
  • Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Facebook Conversion Campaign

My Facebook Ads Management Process

Planning, Analysing, Researching & Advertising

  • Facebook Audit
  • Business Goal Setup For Campaign
  • Competitor Research & Strategies
  • Landing Page For Facebook & Website

Configure Facebook Account

  • Facebook Campaign Settings
  • Account Structures
  • Audience Insights Research

Facebook Measure & Tracking

  • Facebook pixel conversion tracking ( leads & sales records)
  • Facebook campaign tracking in Google Analytics ( Facebook Data Insight)
  • Ads creation for prospective customers

Campaign Testing & Optimization

  • Control Spend (Budget Management & Bidding)
  • Ad Testing ( 1-2 advert versions get the best mix of CTR)
  • Target Facebook Ads on Instagram