How to Get the Most Out of SEO

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How to Get the Most Out of SEO

In his weekly Whiteboard Friday lecture, Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, talked about how a clear website structure improves SEO. We have translated his story, adapted it and share it with you.

Every day we go online and look for answers. If the site structure is lame, the answer is hard to find. What prevents the user:

  • bad UI, UX design;
  • curve layout;
  • ripped-eyed visual;
  • banners, pop-ups, teasers with advertisements;
  • texts without useful action.

In order for the user to quickly navigate your site and not go to the search results, follow our recommendations.

Analyse the queries on your topic

Let’s say you are an Internet service provider and want to enter the top for the query “how to increase wifi speed”. Before you structure your content on your site, there are three non-obvious criteria that affect rankings.

User intent

What problem does a person want to solve by typing their query into the search line. This is his main task.

Inquiry Intent
“How to increase the speed of wi-fi” get fast internet connection
“Galoshes for felt boots” to keep the child or grandmother safe
“Iphone se” buy a fashionable smartphone and save

Intentions in the request

If there is one intent, then there are several intents. For example, when asked “how to increase the speed of wi-fi”, a person has three intentions:

Do not change your Internet provider and equipment – increase the speed yourself without spending money.

A person is looking for information: whether it is necessary to replace the cable, where to hang the router, what interferes with the signal quality in the house. Write about it.

Change provider. The reader is interested in: is it profitable to change the company, what suppliers are still in the region, what they offer.

Replace equipment, but stay with the same company. Perhaps the user wants to keep the current Internet provider, but is ready to buy new equipment – now he is looking for information about new products and prices for routers in online stores.

Determine the popularity of queries in Google Trends or in Wordstat from Yandex. Then expand them in order of popularity in your article to get more attention.

Business purpose

Consider your goals and find a balance with the user’s interest. Otherwise, there is no point in promoting.

Audience intent Your goals
change the router to a more powerful one tell about new models
change internet provider offer your services
set up the equipment yourself write a guide for configuring your routers

If you are introducing a referral system and want to make money on affiliate products, do reviews on the technique. For example, new routers or mixed home networks like Google Wi-Fi.

Structure the content on the page

You have defined your goals, analyzed the market, and know the audience’s needs. Now proceed directly to the content. It focuses on headings, subheadings, and illustrations.

An effective headline contains three criteria: intent, user intent, and business purpose. It informs the user in a succinct form what problem the article solves.

Subheadings detail the intent, from the most important query to the least relevant.

Graphs and illustrations confirm your words: we write for you, your interests are important, we did research, and here are the results.

5 tips for structure

To make it easier for you to optimize and design your content, we have brought these check-points out.

The verified structure will help the user quickly find information on the site, and you will enter the top. Remember, write down, share these recommendations on social networks so that next time you will be in the SERP higher than your competitors.

Put the good ahead

Helpful content solves the problem quickly and efficiently. If the reader is looking for “how to increase the speed of home Internet” – suggest your solution and place it at the top of the page.

Then – compare your service and the services of competitors in the form of a table. In the end, offer to switch to a new tariff or take part in a promotion.

Explore audience requests

Place the most popular queries and their solutions at the beginning of the article. Then move on to the less popular ones.

If the majority want to stay with the provider, but change the equipment, first write about the equipment, market novelties, the main technical innovations of the year.

Then explain how to set up your hardware at no extra cost. Finally, tell us about yourself.

User interest determines the subject of the content

Your goals should align with the user’s intent – this is ideal and difficult to achieve. It makes no sense to offer a subscription to a cloud service to a pensioner, most likely he needs the simplest and most understandable Internet to communicate with children.

You will not help him and your effectiveness will drop. Although it could be ten times more.

Let the snippet reflect the essence of the article

Grab attention right away with a snippet in search. As an example: title, content, first image on the page. This approach is catchy and arouses interest – the user goes to the site.

Don’t annoy the user

Bad interface and design are rejected. Pop-up ads and annoying banners prevent the user from solving the problem, annoying and repulsive.

He hadn’t even scrolled two-thirds of the page, and the subscription request had already popped up. This hinders and provokes a return to the SERP, which lowers the ranking.

Excessive design and visual distraction, as well as requests for a subscription, jeans, flashing animations. The content is buried somewhere below – nobody gets to the benefit.

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