Improve the loading speed of your site

website-speed optimization

Improve the loading speed of your site

Nowadays, analyzing the speed of a website is no longer a question but a necessity. Several companies have seen their activities take off thanks to a website and a well-deployed digital strategy.

Or, while some companies quickly gain the benefits of creating a website, others are slow to take advantage. One of the reasons for the poor performance of some websites is the loading speed.

With Google’s new SEO algorithms, it’s becoming very essential to optimize the loading speed of your website. This is possible on the computer and mobile to improve its positioning on the SERP thanks to the speed analysis of the website.

How do you know if our website is loading slowly? What are the different measures to take to improve the loading speed of your website?

Website Speed

Improve the loading speed of your site in a few steps

Is your website slow? Would you like it to load faster to improve not only the user experience but also your SEO?

Don’t panic, here are a few simple steps that will help you dramatically improve the loading speed of your site.

Do a site audit:

Before finding solutions to improve the speed of your website. It is important to make a diagnosis of the latter to know its current loading speed. For that, it will be necessary to make a loading speed test.

You can do this using tools like Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTmetrix. These tools allow you to test the URL of your site. They also assign an overall score out of 100 (on mobile and computer) with recommendations on the points to be improved. You can enter any URL and parse it, these are free tools.

A good accommodation formula

Choose a good hosting plan: The loading time of a website on mobile and computer depends on the choice of the host. A site can be well designed and configured but be super slow.

For the simple reason that the server used for its hosting is not very efficient. Our advice: Choose an accommodation package that best suits your goals.

If you use a shared server for an e-commerce site, it may slow down your site because the resources and performance of this server are shared with other sites.

These sites just need to consume a lot of resources for this action to slow down your site. We, therefore, recommend for an e-commerce site to choose dedicated hosting and for a showcase site shared hosting.


Reduce file size: One of the reasons that a website loads very slowly is related to the size of its files. Usually, images make website pages load very slowly. In reality, images make up more than half the weight of a website.

So when they weigh a lot, they take a lot longer to load and slow down site performance. We, therefore, advise you to compress them to make them lighter.

However, it is very possible that by compressing the images they lose their quality. In this case, it is advisable to save your images in PNG format. Unlike JPEG, the PNG format allows you to compress an image without any loss of quality/information.

Also, think in addition to changing the format of the image to reduce its dimensions. The smaller the dimensions, the lighter the image. There is much software to reduce the size of images like Tiny PNG. The operation of this tool is very simple.

You load your images on the interface, the tool compresses them in a few seconds. Once compression is complete, all you have to do is download the files.

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