Optimizing Site Text Or How To Write A SEO Article

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Optimizing Site Text Or How To Write A SEO Article

Any site, even a very good one, needs high-quality promotion. The key to high ranking in the internal ranking of search engines is SEO-texts.

Such texts not only attract visitors to the site but also allow them to rise to the highest levels of Yandex and Google.

However, it is very important for a copywriter to follow the rules of the South Africa language when writing an SEO article, which is quite difficult and requires special efforts.

Seo-article, as a rule, is formatted in accordance with the semantic core. The semantic core is user requests for which optimization is carried out.

Moreover, the higher the frequency of the request, the more visitors will come to the site. However, it is not enough just to scatter the necessary words in the text so that the site is not blacklisted, it must be relevant to queries.

Relevance is being consistent with what is expected. If the site contains not only keywords but a lot of interesting and informative content corresponding to the topic, the growth of the rating of such a site is ensured.

How many keywords should there be in the text for proper promotion?

No more than 5%. Behind this figure is the threshold, crossing which, you can get into the blacklist for search spam.

First, the number of characters in a keyword or word is calculated. Next, you need to divide the number of characters in the promoted text by 100, multiply by 5 (sometimes you can take 4%).

Divide the resulting amount by the number of characters in the key expression.

A separate calculation is made for each keyword.

 If the keyword is very short, it is important not to overdo it with the number of uses. If the figure obtained as a result of the calculation exceeds 3, then we proceed as follows.

We go to Yandex-Direct-Selection of words, enter a key expression and select all of them suitable for low-frequency operators.

Woofers should contain the main word in a modified grammatical form plus a new word. We use woofers as many times as needed after three times.


In order to ease the difficult everyday life of an SEO copywriter, there are stop words that are fashionable to use inside a keyword expression.

Pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions are not taken into account by search engines when ranking. In addition, you can insert a comma, semicolon, one of the quotation marks (closing or opening), or one of the brackets inside the keyword expression.

It is important that the key expression is surrounded by spaces on both sides, so only a dash can be used after it.

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