PPC Advertising Services: Professional PPC Advertising Services in Fourways
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PPC Advertising Services

A lot of people throw a lot of money away with under-optimised pay-per-click advertising but with a single call [+27 797 925 328] or email [lakoy@lakoyweb.com], to hire an expert in pay-per-click advertising, you will get more clicks that will convert into a bigger income for your business.

PPC is a model of paying for advertising online to drive traffic to your website or paying to target people to visit your website and you pay only if your ads is clicked according to your targeted keywords.

Lakoyweb use google Adwords as an online advertising platform, is one of the best effective ways to get more leads and reach out to new customers in the right moment when they’re searching for your business.

What are the advantages of Google AdWords advertising?

  • Instant traffic to your website
  • Increase organic SEO click through rates.
  • The Ad is only displayed when someone searches for what you offer.
  • You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ads and comes to your landing page (Website page).

PPC Advertising Services include:

Establish goals for your PPC campaign

Create a custom account

Optimize your campaign

Monthly PPC Management

Web Analytics Reports

Landing Page Creation

Conversion Tracking Code Implementation


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