Recommendations For Creating A Website From Scratch

how to make a website step by step

Recommendations For Creating A Website From Scratch

In the modern world, website development has become a very pressing problem. In particular, the development of a professional website from scratch, without programming skills and a little bit of experience in such work.

Today there are many online resources that allow you to get your own website in a couple of minutes. These are modular content management services.

But developing a good portal full of PHP scripts is not easy. Those wishing to try their hand at creating a website from scratch need to understand the basic elements of designing a web page.

HTML is the “blood” of any web page

The main markup language of the site. Not a single developer of an electronic resource can do without it. Without learning the HTML language, it is impossible to create a website (especially from scratch).

CSS is a layout language

An artist’s language. Design tool. Through its use, the appearance and design of the web page are set. A clear knowledge of this language allows you to make the site beautiful, stylish, and attractive to visitors.

Java Script is the “living water” of an Internet portal.

The site should never be “dead“. They enliven it with dynamic drop-down menus, registration forms, entered data checks, and more. All this requires scripting. These are written using the specified language.


Is the main programming language adopted by the worldwide web. It is used to write direct scripts for the site operation – registration of new users, authorization of registered users, data processing, the ability to search the site, etc.


Is critical software. It allows you to execute queries and work with Infobase. Not a single serious resource is complete without such an addition.


This language does not apply to the direct creation of the site. It is used for document processing and is required in corporate networks.

If, nevertheless, learning all of the above languages ​​seems difficult enough, you can use one of the content management services to create a website from scratch. Such portals offer already developed base pages of all types.

If the site has already been created independently, it must be placed on the Internet. You can choose a paid or free method.

There are many hosting providers that provide site hosting. Free ones are often obliged to display advertising banners on the page and in many ways restrict the user.

And the last thing – the site must be promoted.

When searching for keywords, search engines will, first of all, find your page. You can provide such a result yourself, using SEO optimization and direct link exchange.

By general agreement, you place someone’s link on your site, and that person places a link to your site on his site. The second option is to turn to companies specializing in website promotion.

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