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SEO | SEO Packages & Pricing:

The method of influencing the visibility of your site on search engines like Google is often referred to as “natural referencing“, “non-paid search results”, “organic results“.

In general, the better a site appears on search engines, the more visitors there will be on the platform.

SEO can target different kinds of searches, including local searches, searches for images, videos, and other kinds of media …


Our LOCAL SEO services start at R1,500/month, for up to 5 keywords/phrases. We have 3 pre-set packages that are R1,500, R3,500, and R6,000 per month, respectively.

We also build custom SEO packages with custom SEO pricing depending on the specific needs of our future clients.

If you’re looking for custom pricing, you can request an SEO pricing quote. If you are looking for fast results, consider Google Ads and start generating leads tomorrow.


Local Websites
R1500 per month

Pro Includes
Some great features:

2 high-quality blog post links*
1 hrs per week for onsite Optimisation
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Website Checks**
Keyword Research Suggestions
Web site Structure Suggestions
Content Optimization Suggestions
Page Creation
Google Ads Campaign (optional extra)


Any Websites
R3500 per month

Ninja Includes
Some great features:

4 high-quality blog post links*
10 Keywords Optimization
3 hrs per week for onsite Optimisation
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Website Checks**
Keyword Research Suggestions
Web site Structure Suggestions
Content Optimization Suggestions
Page Creation
Google Ads Campaign (optional extra)
Google My Business Setup & Optimise


For Local God Websites
R6000 per month

God Package Includes
Some great features:

6 High-Quality Guest Blog Post Links*
1 Day per Week Onsite Optimisation
15+ Keywords Optimization
Monthly Reporting
Monthly Website Checks**
Keyword Research and Analysis, GSC Checks
Web site Structure Optimization
Content Optimisation – Implementation of H1-H4, title tags, etc.
5 Profile Page Creation / Niche Directory / Local Listing
Google Ads Campaign (optional extra) + 5 leads

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Let us identifies critical issues with your website that can negatively affect the performance in search engines.

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These prices are given as an indication, but each formula must be adapted to your request. The price of SEO varies according to your needs.

The price of SEO in Johannesburg varies according to the number of keywords on which you want to appear in the first position of search engines.

The amount allocated to paid Ads (Google Adwords in particular) is set according to your possibilities in terms of budget, but also according to the competition present in your activity.

The advantage of Google Adwords is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. It is not necessary to specify that the more your budget is important, the more you will have clicks and therefore visitors, which directly impacts your turnover.

SEO Subscriptions

SEO ServicesOur monthly SEO subscriptions – Search Engine Optimization – all included and with
What is included in our subscriptions:

An initial free audit of your visibility in organic Google results and the technical performance of your website, research of relevant keywords for your business and competitive analysis, recommendation of SEO optimized website plans, the definition of semantic cocoons, and recommendations/plans actions.

Monthly subscriptions with SEO optimization, with or without a supply of content, technical optimizations of the site, creation of new web pages, creation/optimization of your Google My Business page, dedicated account manager, and provision of monthly reports on the results obtained and the actions taken implemented.

The questions you may ask about our SEO packages and prices

1. Do I have to sign a contract with my SEO agency in Johannesburg?

No. Lakoyweb is a performance marketing agency, which is why we do not require any signed contract from our clients, validated quotes, or sufficient request online.

We believe that results and the achievement of growth objectives remain the best guarantee of trust between an SEO agency in Johannesburg and its clients.

2. How much control do I have over my intellectual property?

Total. You have access to all your accounts (webmaster, Analytics, etc..). You can thus keep constant control in real-time on the progress of your SEO.

If you wish to end your collaboration with our SEO agency Johannesburg, please be aware that all of your intellectual property will be returned to you automatically.

3. Do I have access to my SEO agency’s management tool?

Yes. Lakoyweb places transparency at the center of its fundamental values. At Lakoyweb, we share our internal management tool with our clients.

You can therefore monitor and control the progress of your organic SEO mandate in real-time, and access your SEO expert’s task calendar.

Without having to send an email, you will know what actions have been taken, what actions are in progress, and what actions are to come.

4. Can I communicate directly with my SEO expert?

Yes. Depending on the SEO price you select, you decide how often you communicate with the SEO expert responsible for your SEO. Follow-up calls will allow you to clarify any technical and strategic questions about the evolution of your SEO.

5. What does the SEO monthly report include?

Your monthly SEO report provides an overview of the overall SEO performance of your website.

With clear indicators (web traffic, impressions, engagement rate, keywords ranking, search volume, new keywords, etc..), this report gives you an accurate and current inventory of your SEO results.

6. What are the subscription costs payable once upon subscription activation?

After taking stock with you, we will conduct a free audit of your website to identify technical points to improve and carry out research of relevant keywords by analyzing your site and those of your competitors.

Thanks to this we will give you a complete file that requires a significant investment of time and which will allow you to have visibility on the action plan that we propose to implement to help you be better positioned in Google results.