Is your company based in Johannesburg? Are you looking for an SEO agency present in the Principality of Gauteng?

What you need above all is a web agency that can help you build your online reputation and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Choose Lakoyweb, an international web agency recognized for its know-how and experience in the digital sector.

Our goal: More qualified visitors and a profitable return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Free SEO Website Audit

We can do a free  SEO audit of your site and see all the opportunities to seize. In addition, we will also do a technical audit to determine any corrections to be made.

We will evaluate your objectives together in order to best adjust the keywords defined together. When selecting keywords we will define trends and your competition.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are important to define in order to establish an adequate SEO strategy. In particular, they make it possible to feed the site with content related to these keywords.

Site Relevance

Content is the key to SEO, Google judges your site based on many criteria including the relevance of the content. Your site must match the search typed on Google.

Free Website Audit

SEO Company Johannesburg

Our SEO services in Johannesburg ensure visible and long-term results, by optimizing the structure of your site with the creation of relevant content for your website, by using SEO techniques.

We ensure the optimization of your sites such as internal links and other tags essential for Google’s algorithm and respond to its recommendations. Boost your local SEO in Johannesburg, improve your conversion rate!

Indeed, to optimize your website and have better visibility on the first Google search page, content writing and the site structure are important points to take into account. Let’s establish together a communication strategy to be visible and appear at the top of the first page of Google.

Located in Johannesburg, Randburg, Lakoyweb 1ère Position made up of SEO professionals on Google at your service to establish an SEO strategy adapted to your company’s sector of activity.

Whether your target market is local in Johannesburg, national or international, the SEO agency in Johannesburg will know how to lead your website towards and gain visibility of performance in the medium and long term.

Gain Notoriety!

The SEO helps your website to be in position 1 in search engine ranking results, thanks to the quality web strategy.

We offer you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors, so you will gain visibility and notoriety in order to increase your turnover. The objective for the SEO experts and SEO consultants of our web agency is, therefore, traffic acquisition and SEO optimization.

We are based in Johannesburg, we operate mainly in Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria, and all of Gauteng.

We suggest that you do a free SEO audit of your site in order to develop the strategy to adopt in order to bring as many potential customers as possible to your site and thus develop your business.

Our SEO experts, therefore, offer you a technical overhaul of your website and the implementation of a natural referencing strategy to also ensure your e-reputation and the acquisition of prospects.

If you do not yet have a website and you have a web project, Lakoyweb offers you the creation of a website and before that the performance of a technical audit. Referencing your site is an important step. This is why it is important to go for good SEO.

An SEO consultant and or SEO expert is also specialized in the redesign of website and e-commerce and will accompany you for the migration in order not to lose the notoriety acquired, as well as the web writing. With more traffic to your website, we guarantee you a return on your investment.

Thanks to our know-how, our in-depth knowledge of SEO, and the various techniques that we master, we will place you in pole position and the first page on Google and this will have a direct impact on your turnover.

It is therefore important to choose your marketing strategy and have a quality site to optimize SEO.

For a website SEO audit, do not hesitate and contact an SEO consultant within our web marketing agency. We offer solutions tailored to your needs and a free SEO audit.

Keys to improving the SEO positioning of your page in Google search results.

Responsive web

One of the main SEO factors for a website in Johannesburg is to reach the top positions in the search results with a web design adaptable to all devices.

Nowadays, we have to think about web design based on smartphones and tablets since it is on these devices where the user accesses most of the searches on the web.

Loading time

A website that takes a long time to load is poorly rated by Google’s algorithms for positioning. In SEO, it is important to both the optimization of images and the minification of codes (HTML, CSS, etc.) so that the page loads quickly and provides a good experience to the web user.

The loading speed of the website is the main factor that Google takes into account for positioning.


Searching for keywords is one of the most important actions of SEO positioning strategies. After an audit, we correctly incorporate these keywords into the content of the site.

It is important to do so using the correct SEO tools and techniques so as not to over-optimize the website and avoid penalties.

Web architecture

Meta tags, <h headings >, internal links, URL syntax. A correct structure is essential for both search engines and users.

Errors in the architecture of a site generate that search engines cannot correctly interpret the content that we want to show.

If the architecture is not designed and structured correctly, the website will not position itself in Google and other search engines. SEO optimization of the site architecture is essential.

Link building

As we said before, getting quality links from other websites is important to generate traffic and transmit authority to our website.

The process of “link building” must be done with SEO knowledge, since just as there are links that add value to our site, an incorrect link can be harmful. With the correct SEO tools, we can get the best links and grow the visibility of your business, company or project on the web.


Configuration and registration in Google Search Console. Preparation of sitemap.xml, robots.txt file, structured data, etc.

Server-level optimizations.

Implementation of SSL security certificates. Anti-spam forms. Code minification and compression. Lazy loading with images.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in all the necessary practices to obtain a performance according to Google’s requirements for websites.

Frequent questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of optimization techniques for web pages and blogs.

These optimizations seek to achieve good organic positioning in the main search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo; generating traffic and authority.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO = Organic Positioning
This point is key since organic means NO PAYMENT.

SEM = Paid Positioning
Refers to those strategies that include the use of paid advertisements.

Functions of an SEO?

  • Keyword study
  • Web architecture
  • optimization – Web content optimization –
  • Link building strategy definition and implementation
    – Prevention and solution of negative SEO attacks
    – Prevention and solution of Google penalties
    – Improvement of user metrics
    – Monitoring of the website and direct competitors
    – Web analytics to measure the success of the SEO strategy

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the offline world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world.