Ecommerce SEO Services


Ecommerce SEO Services in Johannesburg

E-commerce SEO is a service in its own right because e-commerce sites have a specific structure. The SEO strategy must, therefore, be adapted to the site in order to optimize the conversion and ranking on high potential keywords.

The goal will be to “push” as much as possible your category pages which are the gateway to many specific product pages or to underlying categories.

Which E-commerce platforms?

Specialized in e-commerce SEO in Johannesburg and all South Africa, We can advise you to choose a platform developed on Magento, Prestashop, and WordPress WooCommerce CMS, we know a large part of the technical flaws impacting the referencing of these platforms.

The e-commerce SEO method

  1. The goal will be first of all to adapt the template and the CMS in order to optimize them technically for the referencing:
    • Accessibility
    • the orientation of the crawl towards the pages
    • prevention of access to certain contents by the search engines being able to negatively impact the crawl.
  1. Secondly, it will be a question of working on the semantic structure including the site tree structure, and modifying it in order to place the pages on the right keywords: page titles, title of links in your maxi menu, tags, increase content density…
  2. Finally, we will engage in a net linking strategy (more or less aggressive depending on your budget) targeted on the most important category pages, so as to maximize their chance of ranking, in parallel with the optimization of internal linking, in order to redistribute downstream popularity to your product pages.

Conversion at the center of e-commerce SEO strategy

In short, e-commerce referencing is only a variant of a so-called conventional SEO strategy. Indeed, the three SEO levers also come into play here, the goal is to adapt the SEO strategy to specific business objectives in order to optimize the conversion.

Why does an E-commerce site require a good SEO strategy?

The organic visibility of an e-commerce site within a search engine is the key to its commercial performance! It is therefore compulsory to benefit from SEO advice from an in-house or freelance expert so that he has from the outset a structure, semantics, and a technique entirely thought out for its natural positioning.

Ultimately, it is the optimization of this on-site structure (semantic, technical) that will allow the optimal progression of its SEO traffic.

In parallel, it is sometimes necessary, at the start of activity and launch, to provide an ounce of SEA (paid search) in order to capitalize on the brand (brand awareness) and initiate the constitution of a client portfolio to gain loyalty by others.

After-sales marketing actions (e-mailing, promotion, newsletter, etc.). Ultimately, this investment will diminish in favor of SEO and more qualified organic traffic, which will attract strong and structural conversion potential.