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Why Choose Us For Your SEO in Sandton ?

We can help you increase your SEO ranking and traffic to your website. Lakoywb is specialize in search engine optimization, Pay per click & website design in Sandton.

The demand for SEO  in Sandton increases every month, from a small business to large corporations in Sandton there all understood the benefit of having an online presence.

We offer the best SEO solutions in Sandton tailor-fit to your business needs, whether you need professional SEO services or have a plan underway, the best way to start is to have a discussion with us.

Lakoyweb can assist you to implement and manage your entire SEO strategy for your business.

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Call me on 081 505 0587 or complete the form below because a few small changes can really make difference.

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Our SEO Strategies For Sandton Businesses

A Best SEO strategy is a critical part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

As #1 SEO Expert in Sandton, we will make sure we prepare an effective SEO plan to get the right result in the minimum possible time frame with regards to the following:

  • Deep analysis and audit of your entire website, at no extra cost.
  • Identify keywords that people are using for searching for your products or services
  • Optimize keywords in your website content, meta tags, and descriptions.
  • Ensure clear landing pages are built for not only ranking but for conversion.
  • Identify opportunities and increase site conversion

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ON PAGE SEO APPROACH For All Sandton Business

As an SEO specialist for businesses in Sandton, I ‘ll make sure your website structure and key elements are aligned based on the SEO guide.

To increase your chance of appearing on search result pages, I make sure your pages are crawled and indexed.

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Call: o81 505 0587


Search engine optimization is my specialty here at Lakoyweb, I will provide the best SEO services that maximize your organic traffic, boost engagements, and increase conversions.

Save your time and get higher rankings with professional SEO services oriented.

SEO: Your website on the first page of Google

The visibility of your site on Google is vital. Lakoyweb, will implement a clean and quality SEO strategy. So my actions are thought to be Google-proof.

I optimize the technical performance of your site, its structure, its content, and its inbound link profile. I also remove your site from any algorithmic (Penguin, Panda) and manual penalty.

Why invest in SEO?

  • Targeting potential customers when looking for a product like yours on Google provides a higher conversion rate than any other marketing channel
  • SEO can represent up to 50% of your turnover
  • Thanks to SEO you will get traffic even if your brand is not yet known
  • First-year requires more investment, but ROI will last forever
  • SEO will determine the structure of your site, your content strategy, and your PR strategy
  • SEO is the basis of any digital strategy. If you want to sell online, SEO must be your priority

What do I do differently from other SEO consultants or SEO agencies?

The problem with SEO is that it’s somewhere between technique and marketing, and an expert has to keep an eye on both, otherwise, SEO often ends up at the bottom of the do list. SEO is complicated, SEO is long term, SEO is counter-intuitive. In short, SEO is not sexy …

This is why I offer tailor-made services, which help you throughout, from strategy to implementation:

  • I start by auditing the site, the competition, and the industry and I produce the first strategic recommendation which I present to the client during a session – workshop. The recommendations relate to keywords, technique, content, and backlinks. It usually takes me 5 days for a small site.
  • I refine the strategy and I develop a roadmap with the client, taking into account their feedback in terms of feasibility. Priorities, optimization of existing content, technical modifications, selection of suppliers, implementation of reporting, etc. This generally takes 2 days per month for 6 months.
  • Finally, once the site is technically optimized for SEO, that the relevant content and backlinks are set up, I set up a follow-up: support for the creation of content and the creation of links and reporting. It takes about a day a month for a small site

The time spent is estimated based on my previous SEO missions, but I send a count every month to be completely transparent with my clients.

What interests me in SEO?

SEO: low-cost customer acquisition

No need to spend millions on TV advertising to build brand awareness, no need to sacrifice (at least) a third of turnover through intermediaries in retail. Thanks to SEO you can start selling your products or services on your website yourself!

It is true that SEO takes a little time to be effective, 3 to 6 months, in general, to start ranking with a new domain, so it is recommended to take care of it as soon as possible.

Any serious consultant will ask you for a budget before being able to deliver recommendations because each site and each business is different.

And there is a price to pay for good advice. But in SEO this budget is an investment in the future that will allow you to benefit from natural traffic forever.

SEO is an incomparable source of data: competitors, market analysis, etc.

I have always preferred quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis, and data rather than subjective opinion … For each new product or market, I need to analyze what my competitors are doing and what the opportunities are before presenting a strategic recommendation.

Google and SEO tools are a gold mine for all of this.

Thanks to SEO, you can read people’s minds. As Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says, people don’t lie to Google…

Thanks to Google, it is indeed possible to find an infinite amount of data about human behavior: influenza virus, rumors, the popularity of politicians, prejudices …

In terms of marketing, SEO data and SEO tools allow to:

  • Understand what people want (or “existing demand” for a given product)
  • Evaluate the size of a market
  • Compare market sizes from one country to another
  • Understand how people express their need (impact on brand name and messages to work)
  • Analyze the marketing strategies of competitors: brand awareness, SEO strategy, paid search, and social activities….