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Specialized in digital marketing & web development

To manage your project to create or redesign an e-commerce site, customized website, or blog, acquire the skills of an agency specializing in the web in Johannesburg and benefit from the many advantages of a complete approach and proven skills, at the service of your marketing and digital communication strategy.

Your project deserves the greatest attention, at each stage of its realization. Lakoyweb, a specialist in website creation in Johannesburg and all Gauteng, supports you throughout your project.

What Can We Do

Lakoyweb designed and developed more than 100 achievements of websites in Johannesburg

We take care of the design of our sites, take care to imagine a new visual identity for each website creation. Animations come to animate your site so that it is attractive and remains in the memory of Internet users.

Lakoyweb sites are easily managed by yourself and optimized for all media, PC, MAC, smartphones, and tablets (Responsive Design).

Your website will benefit from our experience for effective SEO. Already have a website, but it cannot be found on the web? Our SEO experts are able to optimize your existing website, as well as develop your digital identity and E-reputation on social networks, directories, and search engines.

Your Website Creation Goals

Behind a well-designed website, there are experts who have understood the objectives of a company, translating them into visuals, content, and adapted technical solutions.

Whatever your website creation goals in Johannesburg (site, e-commerce site, blog), Lakoyweb will get to know you, until you capture your results to have as much satisfaction as you in reaching them and to exceed them.

Real estate agency, trade, car dealership, bank, insurance, tourist agency, optician … whatever your activity in Johannesburg, the best is yet to come. Contact us to find out what your digital future is all about.

Design and graphic identity of your website

Taking care of your image is essential on the web, and it starts on your home page. This is why our agency attaches particular importance to the graphic design of each of your pages.

Our team of designers and graphic designers is committed to creating a design that matches your image and values ​​while setting you apart from your competitors.

Our web design approach in Johannesburg

In order to give each project its unique character, Lakoyweb supports you in your graphic choices and provides you with advice in terms of best practices:

  • Recovery of all the elements in the customer’s possession: logo, fonts, visuals, corporate identity
  • Proposed structure/tree structure of the future website in order to meet requirements in terms of ergonomics and navigation
  • Creation of the first draft of a graphic model sent by e-mail to the customer in an image format (JPEG) The client’s corrections and opinions are exchanged with the project manager and a final mockup in JPEG format is delivered for each of the template pages
  • Cutting of these models to make HTML templates which are then implemented in the CMS and thus ready for production

Why trust us with your web design in Johannesburg?

The web designers and graphic designers of the Lakoyweb in Johannesburg are committed to building websites supported by all existing platforms (PC, Mac, and Linux) and having an identical rendering on all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).

Our teams of experts are at your side and at your service during your entire project. Our goal: to create a unique site that resembles you while respecting our quality charter which places our customers at the center of our concerns.

Discover our news and publications relating to graphics and website design on our blog.

Your website is the starting point of your web project in Johannesburg

Build a project together, just like your ideas!

Today, more than ever, it is essential to have a website in Johannesburg. Whether it’s just for people to connect with you, to expand your customer base, or to sell products online, a web page is the best tool to achieve your goals.

The website is accessible anywhere in Johannesburg and in the world, at any time and by everyone. But to be effective your site must be well designed, your prospects are looking for products and services on the internet, 60% of their purchasing decision is made before they even contact you.

Having an accessible, user-friendly, and content-rich website is essential to convince them. It must also adapt to all screen formats, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, i.e. be responsive web design.

Simple website or e-commerce site?

The simple site makes it possible to present information about a company, its services and products on the internet. If you want to sell your items online, you will need to go to the e-commerce site (merchant site).

  • If I already have a site, do I have to redo it?
  • Is it responsive, does it adapt to all screen formats?
  • Does it look outdated, old-fashioned, or abandoned?
  • Is there traffic, visitors to the site?
  • Has your strategy or positioning changed?
  • Is it difficult to make updates?
  • Can he accept all forms of payment?
  • Etc …

If you answer no to one or more of these questions, it is indeed time to redesign your website.

What is a Responsive site?

A responsive website automatically adapts to the resolution of the screen on which it is displayed. A responsive design is therefore quite simply an adaptive design, whether you use a smartphone, a tablet, a computer screen, the design of the site will be expected to be displayed correctly in all these cases.

What are the reasons for having a Responsive Web Design site?

A responsive site improves your natural referencing on Google since it attaches a lot of importance to the experience, it wants its users to be satisfied, having a responsive web design site will have an impact on your positioning.

A responsive site design improves your conversions because if a visitor has problems navigating your site structure and reading pages, images & videos, they will be less likely to engage.

The responsive web design makes your site easy to administer so fewer costs in the future, now a single change and the update is carried out on all media, pc, tablets, and smartphones!

  • 87% of Internet users now have a smartphone or tablet
  • 95% of buyers search for a local business from a Smartph./tablet
  • 82% of smartphone/tablet users use them to check their emails
  • 74% of French companies are equipped with Smartphones/tablets
  • 61% call a business after their searches and 59% visit it
  • 57% of people do not recommend a company that does not have a responsive site
  • 52% of consumers search on smartphone/tablet
  • More than 50% of Internet users grab their Smartphone/tablet as soon as they wake up

Each Johannesburg internet user spends an average of 4:12 a day on the internet

IN CONCLUSION, not only does responsive web design facilitate navigation for users/visitors to your site, but in addition, it facilitates the indexing work of Google’s search engine and therefore improves your natural referencing.