Website Design Packages

Website Design Packages

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You are in the right place! Lakoyweb is a professional website designer based in Randburg and services anywhere in Johannesburg.

You want to create a website that can help you present your services, activities, sell your products online, do targeted advertising, or even make yourself known through social media?

Lakoyweb is here to respond to all your website needs! I design tailor-made websites for all small business and medium business in Randburg, Johannesburg.


A website is a real communication tool that conveys the image of your company or business with your customers, suppliers, and partners.

A website is indispensable in the development of your activity, I create a tailor-made online website that meets all your needs.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Why Chooses Lakoyweb as Your #1 Web Designer?

As a professional web designer and SEO specialist, you need a quality mobile-friendly website, in line with your activity and with your target, and above all, you have no time to waste. That’s why I take care of everything!

My flexible and efficient approach allows me to quickly set up quality websites. I’m based in Randburg, Johannesburg, and I’m committed to:

  • Listen to understand your needs and industry
  • Be clear and transparent in my processes
  • Be flexible (manage change requests)
  • Advise you on best online marketing practices

From graphic creation to put your site online, including its development and the reservation of your domain name, I know how to be reactive to bring you a quick and lasting solution.

Contact me today for professional web design services in Johannesburg.

An Original, Ergonomic and Efficient Website

My creativity and technical expertise give me all the assets to offer you a custom web design adapted to your business and display in all devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop.

I take a very particular interest in the readability of your website so that your visitors have access to it in the best conditions.

A Secure Website, Of Course!

I’m fluent in HTTPS and will be able to offer you the best strategy for securing access to your site. I will make sure each page is secure.

What else Lakoyweb offers besides Website Design:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    I implement the best technologies and adapt my offer according to your objectives and your means.

    Only a natural optimization strategy guarantees you long-term visibility of your pages on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    I assure you optimal visibility by working the referencing tags essential to appear in a good position on the search engines.

  • Social Media Marketing (Promotion of your website by social networks)

    Facebook, Twitter… Who doesn’t have an account on a social network?

    Social networks today represent a gold mine for getting known and communicating with a targeted and interesting audience.

    If you don’t want to be behind in your market, you’d have the benefit of using social media for your business.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

    Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay the publisher on a “cost per click-through” basis. it is the primary advertising model on Google.

    Contact me on 081 505 0587 for a digital marketing strategy or email marketing strategy.

  • Content Strategy and Suggestion

    I can help you create the right content that responds to your client’s needs. all content demands come with extra cost.

  • Hosting and Register Domain Name

    My website package includes Free domain and Free hosting in South Africa. but if you only need hosting for email, I also provide but with extra cost.

A lot of businesses in Johannesburg or  Gauteng are falling to reach their potential customers because of the lack of being online or having a professional business website.

All my websites are designed using WordPress, Drupal, HTML and CSS, PHP, and MySQL. and they are all custom website and responsive no use of the template.

Call me or Email me for free audit and quotation

E-commerce website

You want to launch an online store in South Africa and you need an experienced partner who will be able to design an effective website for you and support you in the different stages of your project?

Online commerce is gaining momentum in South Africa. On the one hand, the multi-channel offer is growing, combining web, mobile, and physical stores (click & collect).

On the other, the 100% digital online sale remains the best way to test the start of new activity at a lower cost (No rent, reduction of stocks, access to the national domestic market …).

I support you in the implementation strategy of your e-commerce site and in the choice of the most suitable technical platform.

With a rich catalog, a shopping cart system, and the implementation of a secure online payment solution, you will have all the cards in hand to seduce and attract new customers.

With Lakoyweb, you choose the right partner to increase your visibility and your sales.

E-marketing and SEO… the key to success!

Faced with the development of the sector and in the presence of strong competition, your online sales platform must be well referenced and structured to transform all your visits into sales!

Together, we define the marketing strategy that will guarantee the visibility of your products and the reduction of your acquisition costs.

  • Marketing / SEO (Google Adwords) and social media campaigns
  • Indexing of your products on marketplaces and price comparators
  • In-store withdrawal strategy (Web-to-store)
  • Analysis tools and statistical monitoring

I build effective and original websites to convert your targets! Call on a professional to create a website that suits you, in your image.

I offer different solutions according to your budget, without any compromise on quality.

  • Increase your visibility and position yourself in front of your competitors.
  • Strengthen your brand image and gain notoriety.
  • Build customer loyalty and boost a commercial dynamic.
  • Give confidence and commit to a real customer approach.

How does the development of your website work?

I take care of the development of your website, from start to finish. We agree on the specifications and off we go!

From the conception of the design, through technical integration, to the hosting and putting the site online, I take care of everything!

Why create a Responsive Design website?

Website redesign

With the strong growth of mobility, it is now essential to create a website visible on all mobile platforms, smartphones, tablets … Exit the old solution which consisted in producing multiple websites, a website for the PC, and the other for the mobile.

Responsive design is a development technique which makes it possible to adapt the display of the site according to the space available on the screen.

  • Optimal ergonomics for successful user experience. Images and columns move, adjust and resize automatically.
  • Reduced development costs. One website for all uses.
  • Improved web optimization: Google favors responsive design websites in its search ranking. No more risk of duplication of content by creating multiple sites.

What I bring to you:

  • A multi-platform site and yes, now the sites are most often viewed from tablets and smartphones. It is therefore essential to optimize yours for these devices. Your site will automatically adapt to the different platforms that exist today.
  • You are independent, you manage your own content yourself. How? ‘Or’ What? It’s very simple, by logging into your personal administration area. This will allow you to change the text and image content of your site yourself, whenever you want. You will therefore not need to go through me for updates. You are completely free!
  • Support available. Tired of unreachable after-sales services? Going from service to service before you can finally talk to someone? Do not worry, here there is only one service, me! If necessary, you call me directly on my mobile. Thus, any problems are quickly resolved. And hop, no time to lose!