Which Business is Not SEO Right for?

Which Business is Not SEO Right for?

After reading this part of the article, you probably signed me up as an adherent of the SEO witness sect.

This is not so, in fact, I really appreciate this tool, but I try to treat it objectively. Therefore, I have to say that there are businesses in which SEO will not work.

The main disadvantage of SEO is the stretching of the result, its delay in time. SEO is definitely not suitable for a startup,

I mean a business that is just starting out. Since the main task of a startup is to test demand as much as possible, roll back business processes, and attract the first orders so that the business has something to exist for in the future.

The second category of business that SEO is definitely not suitable for is trending goods, all sorts of fancy Chinese gizmos like spinners, knife cards, power cans that are charged by the sun, etc.

The demand for them quickly flares up, but within 2-3 months it drops sharply and the owner of such a business needs to look for a new similar product group in order to get into a new trend.

A super specific and innovative business, which the market does not yet know about and, accordingly, does not request in search, will also not be effectively promoted in SEO. In this case, an indirect query strategy would be appropriate.

Local business. For example, a coffee shop at a business center or some kind of retail outlet is unlikely to recoup an investment in SEO promotion.

If your business has the following properties:

  • Exists for a year and more and plans will exist for at least another 3 – 5 years;>
  • You are operating in an established, mature market;
  • Your business coverage is at least a city or region.

SEO is definitely for you, and the investment in this internet marketing tool will pay off many times over! Contact Us Today

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