Why Do You Need a Website? (for newbies)

Why you need a website

Why Do You Need a Website? (for newbies)

Why do you need a website for your business?

I will tell you why it is profitable and convenient to have your own website.

  • Firstly, if you have your own business, then having a website is simply a prerequisite. We are all accustomed to the fact that any person, before contacting any company, turns to the Internet, and if there is no information about your business on the Internet, then the chances of becoming a successful businessman are sharply reduced.

No matter what wonderful goods or services you sell, additional PR on the Internet in the form of your business card site is now indispensable.

Place on the site all the contact information about your company, your coordinates, prices, that is, everything that is interesting to your target audience.

  • Secondly, purchases on the Internet are gaining more and more popularity, and if you already have an online store, then the buyer can pay for the purchase in any convenient way that you specify on the site.

Electronic wallets, bank card payments, SMS, street terminals – now there are so many payment options that everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

It is not difficult to “fasten” the payment buttons, but how many opportunities will open before you! Most often, it is cheaper to have an online store than a physical point of sale, since there are no extra charges on the product for renting premises, paying staff, etc.

  • Thirdly, for your partners, the site also has a certain convenience, because filling out an application in electronic form without an extra amount of paperwork, in a shorter time frame is not convenient?  And by offering such a service, you will be favorably distinguished from competitors in your segment.

It will also expand the number of partners due, again, to the convenience of familiarization with the activities and assortment, which will allow you to position yourself as a modern, progressive company in comparison with other competitors who do not have a website.

There are many advantages to your own website, but there are also some disadvantages (in some cases, they can be advantages), which are worth mentioning:

You are “in full view”

That is, your prices, news, successes, and victories are visible to absolutely everyone and everyone (yes, and your favorite competitors). But if they look up to you, is it not an indicator that your business is successful and is a kind of “flagship” for this industry?

The site needs time. Constantly.

That is, the site must be “live”. But news, blogs, forums – all these seemingly little things can be a great reason for a client to want to visit you again.

Through constantly updated news, you will talk about what is happening in your company, that the business is flourishing and has achieved certain success, so to speak, that you are “on top”.

A high-quality website and “cheap” are antonymic words.

The site is the “face” of the company, and, as you know, you cannot save on the “face”, since “the avaricious pays twice”.

Of course, a simple business card site costs very little compared to the same online store or a large-scale corporate portal for development, but its functionality is completely limited and the opportunities to make a profit from it are very small.

Do you need a website or online store? We will make a typical website in 1 Week!

So, from the above, we conclude that creating a website for a company, whether it is a simple business card site, a catalog site or an online store, is not just a convenient tool for positioning your brand, but also a modern method for making a profit.

In order for the site to work for you, you need both investment and time that is worth giving to it, but these are trifles compared to the opportunities that open before you.

So, if you have your own business, a lifelong hobby, or just a need for additional income, creating a website is the best way to fulfill all your desires to promote and increase income on the Internet.

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