Why Does a Small Business Need a Website?

Why website for small business

Why Does a Small Business Need a Website?

If you are wondering why you need a website, then it’s time for your business to develop. At the same time, the question of what a good website should be like arises.

This publication will first reasonably remove the objections of those businessmen who still doubt whether they really need a website. In the second part, we will show the main criteria, based on the recommendations, what a commercial resource should be.

Do you still doubt why you need a website?

Then you are not alone, until now approximately 60% of small South African companies do not have a website.

However, 25% of them are ready to create it in the current or next year. And only 15% of campaigns categorically refuse to have a website.

Most Popular Excuses

  • WE DO NOT NEED A SITE – that’s what 22% of small companies say. Despite the fact that it sounds absurd, it is a fact. Do not try to “bury your head in the sand” if you want the business to develop – these numbers are the most compelling arguments!
  • MY BUSINESS WORKS OFFLINE, it is not connected to the Internet. This is a great chance! Take advantage of this opportunity and you will have no competitors on the network! After all, 61% of people search the Internet for information about goods or services.
  • I HAVE NO MONEY FOR THE SITE – this is an untenable argument. There are many free website builders out there now. Or you can hire a freelancer inexpensively. Any road starts with the first step, so try it now.
  • I HAVE SO ENOUGH CUSTOMERS – It is likely that you haven’t met your best customers yet. Those who will come back again and again. Remember that 50% of them come from the internet to the store around the corner. And if they get to you, then 61% will definitely make a purchase.
  • I HAVE ENOUGH SOCIAL MEDIA – great, it’s a good channel, but not effective enough. Where is the online sale? Think about what your followers should become buyers. There is never a lot of sales in business!
  • I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO THE SITE – it’s just a matter of time allocation and prioritization. Or there is a second option – to use the services of a developer to manage, update and promote the site on the network. So you don’t have to waste time on it.


We removed 6 main objections and answered the question why a business needs a website

In most cases, people are stopped either by laziness or by the fear of not being able to cope with the task.

But you should not miss the opportunities of the Internet, so you can significantly increase your company’s awareness and increase customer awareness of the goods/services that your business provides.

What should be a website for a business

A website is not a stand-alone entity, separate from your business. He is always an element of the chain of communications with the consumer. There are several basic models of commercial websites

  • To attract customers
  • To develop an existing offline business
  • For the sale of goods/services
  • To provide paid access to content
  • For advertising
  • To sell access to the site’s audience

The most important thing is to attract as many potential customers as possible. Therefore, he must simultaneously solve several problems:

  • Maintain and promote the company’s image
  • Provide detailed information about the company’s products/services
  • Provide high-quality online campaign advertising
  • Attract new partners or suppliers
  • Sell ​​services/goods through the company’s website
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